Why blue shirt in all videos?

Excellent learning from your videos … … i have utilized this lock down period to learn this subject very well by watching all your videos from the beginning … … … … … … now i am ok … … at least i am able to understand these case studies … … i am very thankful to you for this … … .but may i know about the blue shirt that you wear always while you do your videos ? … … don ’ ‘ t feel negative for this … … if you have any problem … … need not tell about it … … thank you very much – your SHYAM from amalapuram

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06-05-2020 4:04 pm

I want to use a single color shirt in my videos so that everyone can focus on the subject, not my shirt or background.

07-05-2020 2:29 pm

no..no..no just casually i asked about your blue shirt … … to know whether it indicates any significance or not ..please don ’ ‘ t mind

03-05-2021 5:52 am

Thanks for addressing and writing to us. We appreciate your feedback. We have improved the visibility of handwriting and text in dark environments by using a brighter white color. We will continue to rethink this with our team and try to make further improvements. Please note that most of the videos that were shot a month ago may not reflect these changes.

03-05-2021 8:08 am

sir meeru enchukunna blue shirt e correct anukuntanu sir … … video paina charts ki writing ki disturbance lekunda vuntundhi. konchem, silence peace nu kooda indicate chestundhi anukuntanu … … .

28-05-2021 3:08 pm

stop asking these kind of questions …..focus on the subject …

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