How to understand planets influence, when a train is delay?

Helo Sir. I am Kishore,I like ur vedios very much..I ask one qtn. oka family oka vuru train ki velladatam kosam station ki vacharu..train 2 hrs late ani telisindi..ala journey late avadataniki yedoka graham influence untundi kada..ayithe family andari members lo ala undadu kada..alantappudu andariki late yenduku avuthundi? not only family members..a train kosam wait chese vallantha ani na ardham..pls tell me the reason..its not a silly qtn sir..

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12-05-2020 10:51 am

for delay : karaka is saturn, In case there are family members means their karmic energy frequency will be same if not they will not be together.

i have also observed this kind of situation. You need to practice on transits. What is lagna, moon star , how its connected to their personal horoscopes.

Even other members in station will be also connected some where.

One more thing i would like to mention every one will not feel the same about delay : Ex: in some cases your friend might ask you to drop at station, you may enjoy his company when train gets delayed, you may wish for more delay so you can spend some time with him.

Any way increase your knowledge to find the right reasons.

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