How did you overcome these type of analysis?

I have gone through few of ur videos and few astrology books, but what I felt is when we listen individual topics we come to some idea but usually horoscope has to be predicted based on many other factors like, planets and its positions also stars, degrees, combinations, drushtis, dashas, doshas, rajayogas, neecha Banga Raja yoga ’ ‘ s, retrograde etc etc. I think still many more. When we put all together it ’ ‘ s becoming confused to give priority to conclithe results. For example person with vrushchika lagna 6th place that is mesha is having both Ravi and Rahu. This scenario not sure which plays dominated role. Is it Sun because he is exalted or it ’ ‘ s Rahu because it ’ ‘ s enemical or 6th place of Rahu?? How did you overcome these type of analysis. I think it ’ ‘ s required lots of practical experiment before confirming the results. U have ocean of concept in ur mind. God bless you 🙏

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07-06-2020 7:38 am

Yes , true many people ask me to judge by single combination in comment area .. but in reality, we need to consider the whole Horoscope to give predictions. Wait for 20days all case studies will get published. Goto playlist area look for learn Astrology in Telugu playlist if you are learning start from ep0, ep1 etc..

08-06-2020 7:40 am

//update you can watch case studies from ep139, ep140 etc … …

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