how to judge Lagna yoga karakas?

1.If for a lagna, lord of 2nd house being a maraka house is also a konadhipati for that lagna, will he give positive results?
2.For vrishabha lagna, why is the 4th lord ravi a papa graham? As 4th house is kendram to lagna, won ’ ‘ t that make the lord of that house a subha graham?
3.If ravi is papi to a lagna, will that make chandrudu also a papi for determining favourable dasa periods?
4.If a sthanadhipati is unfavourable to a lagna, will any subha Graham drishti on that house/planet makes it neutral?
5.Is 10th house from lagna considered a good one?If for a lagna, a sthanadhipati is unfavourable but he is a sthanadhipati for 10th house.Will that make him favourable?

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17-08-2020 8:00 am

“Lagna yoga karakas”,”how to judge Lagna yoga karakas?”

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