Could you please recommend astrology remedies to me?

I am currently facing significant difficulties. I am looking for ways to overcome my financial problems and win back the love of my girl. Could you please suggest any remedies, such as stones, mantras, or anything else? I would greatly appreciate your help.

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06-04-2020 11:48 am

If i had an opportunity to fix things i would have become God. Astrology is a tool to read, we cant change or modify anything Never fully rely on astrology for any answer. This is a spiritual knowledge that can only be realized subconsciously. I never prophesise, but honestly admit that astrology can never predict but only can provide tendencies about life. It is just a Road Sign that warns about the forthcoming dangers, and it lies up to the concerned person to notice it and have a smooth ride, or totally ignore it to go with the flow. Now don’t post your birth details and ask me for remedies.

We do not recommend any remedies like : pooja, parihar, mantra, yantra, stones, etc…

12-05-2020 7:38 am

We don’t recommend any remedies. Let me explain using an analogy. Imagine you’re riding a bike and using astrology, you predict that there is a pothole in your journey. What would you do? You would naturally slow down and drive carefully, or even try to avoid the pothole if possible. But if there’s no other option, you have to endure the pain and navigate through it, right? Now, can remedies patch up the pothole? I honestly don’t know because I haven’t tested them. If you can’t understand this simple logic, then this channel might not be the right place for you.

If you have the time, I suggest watching the video linked below for more insight:

Once again, I want to emphasize that we do not recommend any remedies. I hope my answer is logical and aligns with your expectations.

02-06-2020 4:15 am

I have too much of debts problem I don’t know when it will be sloved sir can u plz help me out sir

02-06-2020 6:15 pm

@Vinod Excellent answer Vinod garu!

09-05-2021 11:08 am

Great point of view

30-12-2021 5:53 pm

This question is asked by many others and answered multiple times by @Vinod . We don’t even like to engage in a conversation about it. You can try any remedies you like. We prefer to stay away from anyone who needs remedies or wants to discuss it. 🙂
ఎవరైనా పరిహారాలు ఏదన్నా చేసుకోవాలంటే చేసుకోండి, వాటి గురించి మమ్మల్ని అడగకండి నమస్కారం 🙏

30-12-2021 2:17 pm

Hi Vinod Sir, I started learning astrology from 2017 based on your videos. I have a doubt any video you are not suggesting remedies but Parashara hora and etc that sages suggesting remedies. as a pessimistic nature I can agree your statement. Can you give any reason why you are not encouraging remedies.

02-01-2022 6:36 am

pls do clarify about Pitrudosha and it’s remedies

Thanking you in advance

07-01-2022 7:59 am

దేవుడు మీద నాలుగైదు వీడియోలు చేస్తున్నాము మేము దాన్లో ఈ ప్రశ్న గురించి చర్చిస్తాం రెండు మూడు నెలలు వేచి ఉండండి.

07-01-2022 7:11 am

Our sins r not reduced remides can transfer them to next birth

20-01-2022 2:50 am

Interesting thread re: remedies, pooja etc. Let me share my 2 cents that I have learnt over 35 years of practicing Vedic as well as KP astrology.

The very basis of astrology is the planets, their location in the horoscope and their transit, That’s the blueprint of the person’s life. It means everything is pretty much predestined or “vidhi-likhit”. Now, unless one can change the location of planets or their transits, how can one alter the results? See my point?

The act of doing pooja, shanti, remedies etc. is just to give the person some degree of mental peace. After all, every emotion – be it happiness, sadness, joy, elation, disappointment or whatever – is only in the person’s mind. Further, if we mortal humans can change the course of any person’s destiny, we would be almost God.

So the bottom line is: Don’t put too much stock into remedies, pooja etc. These are the things that are sources of revenue for the “astrologers/gurus” that pry on unsuspecting and vulnerable people.

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