Difference between planetary significators and house significators

I think you have not understood the difference between planetary Significators and house significators… Planets in the Star of the occupants will become A Grade Significators. That means Planets in the Star of Saturn will become A grade Significators.But you are saying Saturn’s star lord Rahu is an A grade significator. Which is absolutely wrong…
If you consider Planetary Significators then Saturn will give the results of Rahu.

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01-06-2020 5:34 am

update:: we have already replied to this 11 months ago. there is no mistake in this video. once go through old comments and learn from them.


Question: sir small doubt.. high priority significator A grade – shani nakshatram lo ye ye planets unnayo chudalanukunta sir.. almost anni softwares ilage undi including mana rva software lo kuda. but meeru shani ye nakshatram lo undo chusthunnaru.. please clarify sir


There are multiple methods to find the powerful A grade significators in KP.
I don’t follow original rules all the time.
1 The occupied planet star if anyone occupied they will be A Grade significators.
2 But if only a single planet occupied he will be more powerful.
3 If multiple people occupied then we have to follow the occupied planet.
4 If occupied planet got positional status then it will be again more powerful
5 In other case occupied planet star-lord if posited well that also can give good results.

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