How to learn astrology?

Dear sir,I would like to learn astrology under your guidance. Can you please tell me any suggestion from your side. I know that your videos are available in you tube. However I am unable to understand from where to start. If you can suggest good books in Telugu/English, I will start learning astrology Vedic/Western/KP along with your videos. Thanks

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26-01-2022 2:48 am

Follow this playlist, we have named all videos by ep numbers ep0, ep1, ep2 ..etc

For books, suggestions refer to this discussion and below mentioned video

As of now we are not running any courses. you can learn online from our Youtube channels. if we start any course we will announce via YouTube itself.

If you have any learning doubts you can start new discussion in this forum we will try to reply whenever we get time.

18-02-2022 7:57 pm

We may not get Teacher like you may be in future.

That’s the whole point, we want everything to be open & free. If one wants to learn he/she should not wait for a teacher and we are working towards the same.

If you get any doubts start a new discussion here

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