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Sir in your Muhurtham Video on YT channnel, You once said you have never came across a software which could automatically compute the most auspicious Muhurtha. I have one such software with me known as GeoVision Software – Shri Muhurta, This is developed by the same company which made the Parashara’s Light software. Please refer the link below to see the interface.

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31-08-2023 10:07 pm

We appreciate your input and for sharing information about the Shri Muhurta. It’s certainly interesting to learn that there are software tools available that can automatically compute auspicious Muhurthas. Thank you for providing the link to the interface as well.

However, We’d like to clarify that while such software solutions are valuable, it seems that Shri Muhurta is not available for free, and there might be some technical considerations involved such as running it in a virtual box. Additionally, the shift towards mobile and tablet usage over PC/Mac systems is indeed a significant trend these days.

At our platform, we strongly believe in making knowledge and software tools accessible to everyone. That’s why all the tools on our website are offered for free, aiming to provide valuable resources to anyone interested in astrology.

Regarding Muhurtha software, We’d like to mention that we are continuously working to enhance our offerings. Once the RVA 2.0 is released, we expect to integrate the Muhurtha software within 30-60 days. Our team has been diligently working on various prototypes, not just limited to Muhurtha calculations, but also covering a broader range of topics. You can anticipate the release of knowledge-based content and videos on these subjects within the next 6-8 weeks.

For more details, you can visit the following links:

RVA 2.0 Updates:

RVA 2.0

Our Calculators:


We’re committed to providing accessible and beneficial resources to astrology enthusiasts, and we’re excited about the upcoming developments. Thank you for your continued support and engagement with our community.

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