Progression Chart Doubt

Hello, my doubt is for suppose someone born on Jan 1 2000, and now it’s is 2023, so the progression chart is Jan 23, 2000.

So my doubt is that whenever we compare the chart A and Chart B , is the prediction is for

2023 Jan to 2024 Jan
2022 Jan to 2023 Jan

I think Vinod Sir explained several times in WA classes , but I missed the point could you please verify my doubt

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14-07-2023 11:47 am

@ShashidharP To generate a progression chart for the 23rd year, you would select the year 2023 in the RVA software and it will add 23 days to the birth chart. Therefore, the progression chart will cover the period from January 2023 to January 2024. ✅

If the individual is born in August, the progression chart will be generated for August of the 2023 to August of the 2024.

To learn more about it, please refer to RVA Telugu episode 123, starting at the 2-minute mark.

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