Signs will note move and only planets move?

Sir, Miru … … First videos lo … … rasulu not movable and only grahalu ye movable ani chepparu kadaaa … …Ah topics ippudu deeniki contradicting ga undi kadaaa?

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18-05-2020 6:20 am

Rashi ’ ‘ s will not move … … chara or sthira or dwis-swabhava are thathvalu … … those are natures of the signs … … generally signs are interpreted in various forms … … . when certain planet comes to certain type of rashi due to their both compatibility we need to estimate the situation for example lets say a person is trying for marketing job which is more related to travel – lets assume his dasha lord and lagna lord in those thathwas .. it will be more favorable to him .. if those are in chara + vayu thathwa he expect more fast frequent travels – again it depends on other planetary positions … … to make you understand i have picked these examples … … if you complete all 200 videos you will understand one after one

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