What If cluster of planetary Conjunction happen in ascendant?

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0 Eswar2 2 years ago

Lonely planet in retro star

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1 SaiMadhavreddy 2 years ago

Doubt on progressions ప్రోగ్రెషన్స్ western astrology

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0 Naveen_s 2 years ago

Saturn in 1st house or d9

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Mars and satrun in same house that is 6th house

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0 Kavya 2 years ago

Venus rahu placement in 5th house

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0 Kavya 2 years ago

Planets conjunction with sun

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0 HarishHari 2 years ago

Which is more significant Asc / Moon / AK for compatability

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1 Anon 2 years ago

Badhakesh dasha judgement

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0 Vrct 2 years ago

What is my nakshatra

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0 saky 3 years ago

is lagna and sign same or different?

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2 GuestUser 3 years ago

అగ్ని, భూ, వాయు, జల తత్వ రాశులు ఎక్కడ నుండి మొదలు అవుతాయి

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1 tSharma 3 years ago

planet is in nicha place in rasi chart & also in navamsa does the planet strong?

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2 VRTfacts 3 years ago

Cancer ascendant debilitated moon, what would be the result?

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0 RupeshKumar 4 years ago

what are sanipalitha grahalu & gurupalita grahalu?

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0 gayathri 4 years ago

Is moon bad to all scorpio rashi people?

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1 Savyasachi 4 years ago

గురు గ్రహం సింహ రాశి లో ఉంటే దానిని which స్తానం అంటారు?

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kuja dasha wouldn’t be good for makara rashi?

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