Waiting for next video

Namaste vinod gaaru next video sir students ila middle lo vidichi pedithe ela. Jathakam enalysis lo mee way follow avuthunnam. Ippudu intha gap naa sir. May be epudu next video pedathaaru. Meeru payment classes conduct chesthunnara. Chestunte aa details cheppandi. Ee Subject chala tough kada meeru koddiga easy method lo cheptunnaru anduke mee classes memu miss avvalani anukovatam ledu.

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08-06-2020 7:08 pm

I’m currently not running any classes, and I’m not a teacher, so there are no students of mine 🙂 Yes, please hang on you can anticipate the next video in approximately 90 to 120 days, although I’m not entirely certain about the exact timing. Thank you very much, and please bear with me.

08-06-2020 7:09 pm

Ok sir thank you for d reply

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