అంతర్దశ క్రమం ప్రతి నక్షత్ర పాదానికి ఎంత కాలం ఉంటుంది?

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0 Ramana 2 months ago

How to get report date wise between the aspects of the planets

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1 User895 3 months ago

We need mahadasha calculator API, Will it be provided?

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1 GuestUser 7 months ago

Pranapada Lagna Calculator

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1 Hitesh01 9 months ago

Nakshtra 4va paadam timings variation in software generation

RVA Software Calculation
0 Mohan Kumar 1 year ago

What If cluster of planetary Conjunction happen in ascendant?

Stars Signs Bhavas
0 Eswar2 2 years ago

Working of Bio Rhythm

Transit Resources Calculation
0 hemanth_p 2 years ago

Golden paddhati

Telugu Vedic Astrology Case Studies
1 UmeshSai 2 years ago

About lagnam

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1 NarenderK 2 years ago

kuja dosham % calculation

2 Shreehari 2 years ago

Multiple Planets in same house

Vedic Astrology Combinations Yogas & Doshas
0 James 2 years ago

Is Lagna dependent on Day duration and Night Duration of the country?

1 Ananth1 2 years ago

How KP sub-lord period calculated with moon transit?

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3 Laka 2 years ago

Fortuna point and ishta devata

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0 SatyaSaiA 2 years ago

kindly clarify placidus bhava

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2 DilipKumar 2 years ago

రాత్రి సమయం లో అభిజిత్ లగ్నం ఎలా చూడాలి?

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2 DilipKumar 2 years ago

KP system for reading birth chart

KP Astrology Calculation
2 KrishnaMohan 2 years ago

ravi move ayye degres ni elaa find out cheyyali?

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1 Ravi_ 3 years ago

how to calculate planet degrees?

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3 UmaRam 3 years ago

దశ శేషం calculation వీడియో చేయండి

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1 jayasri2018 4 years ago