Do wearing gemstones really nullify the bad effects of the planets?

many astrologers suggest performing some rituals and poojas or wearing a gem stone or rudraksha does these really nullify the bad effects of the planets? also i was recently suggested that some homams and chantings are to be done in my name. we were in a fix if we had to proeed further so we asked an other astrologer about it he said no such things ae required and was shocked to see the homams prescribed by the other one. i believe astrology is a science so i m worried how can people predict in quite opposite ways. 

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14-07-2023 1:25 pm

This question has been asked by many others and answered multiple times by Vinod garu. We prefer not to engage in discussions about it and would rather stay away from anyone seeking remedies or wanting to discuss it. You are free to try any remedies you like. 🙂

ఎవరైనా పరిహారాలు ఏదన్నా చేసుకోవాలంటే చేసుకోండి, వాటి గురించి మమ్మల్ని అడగకండి నమస్కారం 🙏

Here is the link to an old discussion on this topic.

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