How KP sub-lord period calculated with moon transit?

I visit the KP calculator website below to get all the information’s about KP sub lords from moon transit. The website generates all sub-lords based on every minute, which not I wanted.

Is there a way or formula to calculate the next transit moon’s sub-lord planet from start to end time?

For example:

Start Time – End Time – Sign – Star – Sublord

1PM – 2PM – Mercury – Mars – Ketu

2PM – 4PM – Mercury – Mars – Venus

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16-01-2022 9:39 am

At this moment this feature is not available in near future we will try to add this.

But, why do you want to filter in such a way and how will it be useful?

Sachin S Chavan
Sachin S Chavan(@sachinschavan)
11-12-2023 11:13 pm

How will we get houses of star sub lord house

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