How to judge the extent of good or bad for an event?

For example let ’ ‘ s consider 2 people. Person A is a cab driver and person B is an IT professional. Both of them have good 1,5,9 lords and good connectivity between 1,2,10 lords and 10th house plus good trine aspects. So both of them are skilled at their respective works they got good recognition.

Now both of them are going through yogakaraka dasha and in progressions let ’ ‘ s say they have progressive 10th house trine natal sun.
Cab driver got a contract from a software company and he used his savings to buy 2 more cabs, hired drivers and started earning good money. He became famous in his local circles.He is happy and it is the best time in his carrer.
IT professional became the CEO of an MNC and he became world famous, started earning millions.

As an astrologer, is it possible to predict the extent of success or a failure ? What is the differentiating factor?

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22-05-2020 6:41 am

In that case, you have to examine the natal planetary strength and need to compare.

1. cab driver started with 50 rupees, monthly revenue is 5 rupees. whenever the good time comes he may earn 50 rupees per month.
2. IT professional started with 500 rupees, monthly revenue is 50 rupees whenever the good time comes he may earn 500 rupees per month.

So these all based on their individual situation. the one will get progressed in life from their current situation.

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