We loose some points of 5,9 places when we read horoscope?

Sir every time I read my chart for practice purpose. U said that we loose so points of 5,9 places when we read. What can we do.

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01-06-2020 6:15 pm

i meant “ ” the native should not always approach astrologers for petty things ” ”

i did not mention “ ” you should not analyze your own chart again and again ” ”

Please understand the context .. please do not mislead.

after reading your comment I felt regret for sharing such tips. 🙏

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02-06-2020 5:58 pm

Dear Vinod – kindly keep sharing such tips which are very interesting and useful for all of us! Please do not get demotivated from your ambition of sharing this divine knowledge to the world in the easiest manner. I am quite sure and pray that your RVA software will become much more popular than other softwares very soon 💐🙏

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