What is druda and adruda karma?

What is druda and adruda karma? How do we know if I have gone through the druda karma or not?

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02-07-2023 12:52 pm

In Hindu philosophy, “karma” refers to the concept of actions and their consequences. According to Hindu beliefs, every action we perform, whether physical, mental, or emotional, creates an imprint on our consciousness and contributes to our overall karmic balance. There are different types of karma, including “druda karma” and “adruda karma.”

Druda Karma: Druda karma, also known as “fixed karma” or “inevitable karma,” refers to the actions and their consequences that are bound to occur and cannot be changed or avoided. These karmic debts or results are considered inevitable and must be experienced. Druda karma is often seen as the accumulated consequences of past actions that manifest in the present or future.

Adruda Karma: Adruda karma, on the other hand, refers to “variable karma” or “modifiable karma.” This type of karma is not predetermined or fixed, and its outcome can be influenced or changed by our present actions. Adruda karma provides individuals with the opportunity to shape their future through their current thoughts, choices, and behaviors.

Determining whether you have gone through druda karma or not can be challenging because it often involves tracing the cause-and-effect relationships of past actions and their present consequences. In Hindu philosophy, it is believed that one’s current life experiences and circumstances are influenced by the cumulative effect of past karmic actions. However, it is essential to note that karma is a complex and intricate concept, and its exact workings are not easily discernible.

In Hinduism, the understanding of one’s karmic balance and the effects of past actions is often attributed to spiritual practices, self-reflection, and seeking guidance from spiritual teachers or gurus. Additionally, some individuals may also seek the assistance of astrologers or practitioners of Jyotish (Vedic astrology) to gain insights into their karmic patterns and potential future outcomes.

It’s important to approach the concept of karma with an open mind and recognize that it encompasses a wide range of beliefs and interpretations across different schools of Hindu philosophy and spiritual traditions.

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