Intuition & Astrology Relation

i would like to know if intutions and making predictions are also related to astrology. 

i usually experience some unusual sense of something happening before it actually happens. and sometimes it is really scary. when i was a kid at the age of 11 i some how felt that there is a chance of accident and death due to it in the family but couldnt tell it to any one fearing they would be worried. i also dreamt of the same before it actually happened. and when it happened it costed 4 lives in our family. 

in an other incident one of my aunt didnt have children for 17 years and they lost all hope as none of the poojas or medicines worked, but i felt that she would be blessed with a baby boy. and exactly one week after i sensed, she conceived and it was a baby boy finally. 

in an other incident my father was getting transfered and we were expecting it to be some where near vizag or khamam. a place which i never visited came into my mind all of a sudden, it was amalapuram. i asked my dad if there were any vacancies or chances of getting transferred to that place. he said there is no vacancy there and would be possible. to our surprise the transfer was to amalapuram. 

not just this but many a times in many major incidents either a dream appears or some random thoughts materialise. 

i didnt know if this is good or bad and also even if i told anybody they would not believe in me. 


please do let me know if it is normal and ok to see things this way and also if it is related to any astrological aspect. 

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14-07-2023 1:07 pm

There doesn’t seem to be any specific astrological learning or doubt in this discussion. The user has shared their personal experiences, and we currently lack a particular astrological approach to analyze these occurrences. Even if we had knowledge in this area, we would refrain from discussing it with others.

If you find these experiences concerning or if they are negatively impacting your well-being, it may be helpful to consult with a mental health professional who can provide guidance and support. They can help you explore and understand these experiences in a way that is beneficial for your overall mental and emotional well-being.

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