Pranapada Lagna Calculator

Pranapada Lagna Calculator and rectification is required as it helps to know whether
HOW to know whether a person life in this janma is SHUBHA or ASHUBHA ? shubha means he will be vishnu bhakta help many help get name fame and live contentful life appreciated by many .. if shubha he will indulge in sins , will make a bad name for himself and people will consider himas UNauspicous a bhaar on earth .. lIke janma of DURYODHAN can be called as ASHUBH and JANMA of BHEEMSEN a most SHUBH ? CAN we find this ASTROLOGICALLY ?
Refer the below link for more details to make the calculator

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07-06-2023 7:27 pm

Thank you for your suggestion to add the Pranapada Lagna Calculator to RVA tools. We appreciate your interest in incorporating this feature into our offerings. we currently have other priorities and commitments that require our immediate attention.

We have taken note of your suggestion, and we will consider adding the Pranapada Lagna Calculator in the future. However, please be aware that it may take some time before we can allocate resources to develop and implement it. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

In the meantime, we would like to inform you that the Pranapada Lagna Calculator is already available in Jaganathahora software. If you have access to a PC, you can utilize this software to perform the calculations you require. We understand that this may not be a convenient solution for everyone, but it is an alternative for PC users in the interim.

If we receive more requests and inquiries regarding the Pranapada Lagna Calculator, we will certainly take that as a sign of increased demand and give it higher priority in our development roadmap. We appreciate your understanding and patience in this matter.

Thank you once again for your suggestion, and we value your continued support for RVA tools. 🙂

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